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I am a photographer. A visual story teller and lover of life.

My name is Alex Stechschulte, Alex S for short! Since I can remember I have always loved all things art and design, and oddly enough I was still surprised when photography found me! I have a pretty atypical story on how I found my photography company; It all started my Junior year of high school. Along with art, I had always had a great love for horses, and I decided it was time I had a horse of my own! As I told my parents this, they laughed and said something along the lines of, “And we want a million dollars.” This was a phrase I heard far too often, but I knew that I needed a way to purchase this black, amazing steed named Ghator. Still being in high school and needing flexible hours I decided to open my own photography company. There was just one problem, I didn’t even own a camera! 

Now, almost eight years later I look back and think how crazy I was. Thank God I have a little bit of crazy, lots of grit, and a love for what I do! If I didn’t I wouldn’t have had the ability to meet and photograph so many amazing people and see so many incredible places around the world! Oh… and I know you’re wondering, “Alex did you get Ghator and if so, do you still have him?” YES!! Ghator is home! I still have the now old, spunky, and pampered horse and still love every moment with him!

Without Ghator I wouldn’t be where I am today! This may sound dramatic, but I seriously believe it! He has helped me discover my life's calling. I am a photographer, a visual storyteller and a lover of life! I feel so lucky to do what I am passionate about everyday. I am able to meet new people and really get to know them on a deeper level! I enjoy that I can help instill confidence and self-worth is my high school seniors and show them how the rest of the world sees them everyday. I also love documenting love! I photograph my wedding couples biggest day of their lives so they can remember every single moment for the rest of their lives and beyond! As you can probably tell I don’t take my job lightly! 

Photography has truly changed my life and I love sharing it with others! If you would have told high school Alex that he would be featured in publications around the world, had been named one of the top 100 high school senior portrait photographers several years in a row, received many awards and listed alongside my idols I would have never believed you. And the craziest part is, this is just the beginning! 

Our photography studio is conveniently located in Mid Michigan (Owosso) creating easy access for the greater Lansing and surrounding areas. We are proud to serve Nationally along with Internationally by request.



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